Nobody puts social media in a corner … except these two

First, a little background …

And now the commentary …
The Colbert Report — Morning News for Millennials
It’s the absurdity of it all, the appearance of having it just for the sake of having it, without it adding value — that is where the problem lies.

One more video, pay attention to (0:27 – 0:50) in particular:

As comedian Pete Holmes pointed out about the phone book, you don’t want to give the public something they already have or can get in a better way than what you are offering. And as Colbert pointed out, nearly everyone already has on their phone the features of the Orange Room and Social Square.

Things like the Today Orange Room and Good Morning America Social Square are often empty news calories, putting a social shine on what is essentially nothing of any significant value, nothing worthy of news time.

*There is one caveat though – posts and social sharing from people on the scene of a news event. These posts offer priceless details and insight that only they can provide.

Organizations are still viewing social and the interactive media realm as a frivolous novelty (though the number of organizations who do is dwindling). Those looking to earn credibility with and a following from millennials often turn to social as a quick-and-easy way to earn it instantly. Unfortunately, some fail to realize you have to participate and engage in the social/interactive space – it isn’t enough to just show up to the party, you have to have a plan.

Don’t get me wrong, even though The Hunger Games and their meticulous planning earned the honor of being named an iMedia HoFMVP, your plan does not have to be as intricate and exhaustive; however, it should be comprehensive. You need to find your ‘Hunger Games point’ where you have thought through everything and at the very least have an idea, a timeline and some basic structure to what you want to do.

Things to consider:
– Audience/target — Who are you looking to reach?
– Marketing message/goals — What are you looking to achieve?
– Time frame — How much time do you have?
– Budget — How much do you have available to spend?
– What platforms — Where will this content reside?
– What form — contest, poll, exclusive content, etc.

By no means is this list exhaustive, it’s just a place to start.


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